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What makes us tick at amce studios.

As digital natives, we experience trends. As academics and industry experts, we know the tried and tested. This unique combination turns small moments into big experiences. Our solutions are in tune with the times and yet timeless.

And because we love what we do, we give our all to the success of every single project we tackle. We care about your project, your deadlines and your nerves, no matter what, and that's a promise.

Our services
at a glance.


Web design

Social media

Graphics, Photo & Video

Public Relations


Brands are ideas that are constantly growing - we create brands that stand out and tell a story. We are digitally focused but also grounded in the real world. The journey is a collaborative process, but in the end you get a comprehensive yet practical brand guide to grow your brand.

Brand identity

With interactive workshops we create the vision, origin, values and personality of your brand.

Logo & Corporate Identity

With a matching look & feel and logo, we make your brand recognisable and unique.

Communication strategy

So that pictures are followed by the right words. Together we develop a communication strategy for your brand.

Start-up package

For ambitious start-ups who want to take their brand presence to the next level.

Start-up package

For start-ups who want to build and grow their brand professionally together with us.

Brand strategy

Together we lay the foundation for the future of your brand and help you position your brand in the market.

Web design

Our web designers know that your homepage is more than just a domain on the internet, it is a true extension of your digital brand and your business card on the internet. In most cases, it is the first impression of your business to a potential customer or client.


We work and think from the abstract to the concrete. In doing so, we focus on the users and their behaviour.


We are committed to individual and sustainable web design and continuously involve you in the development process.

Development & Testing

Our development process allows for individual customisation and deals with all the little technical details.

Page support

To ensure that your customers always find the latest content and updates on your site, we offer continuous monthly support for your website.


We are happy to advise you on further SEO optimisation of your website and also support your findability on the web with advertising.

Initial consultation

Together we will find out which solution is suitable for your company and creates the optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Social media

We help you to find out on which platforms you can highlight the strengths of your brand and communicate at eye level with your target group. If required, we can take over your entire social media management - from content strategy and content creation to community management.

Content Strategy

We design the professional and structured handling of digital media content for your social media presence.

Content Creation

With our expertise, we create multimedia content and trends tailored to your target group for your social media presence.

Community Management

By moderating discussions and questions and monitoring platforms, we communicate with your target group.

Influencer Marketing

We support you with the search and contact to influencers, all platforms, and manage your campaign.

Social media advertising

We advise and support you with modern campaigns for lead generation on social media.

Platform Strategy

We help you to find out on which platforms you can highlight the strengths of your brand.

Graphics, Photo & Video

We tell stories with images, film, 360° video, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D graphics and this unique tool called language. We believe that a unified image is worth a thousand words.


We accompany your event with film and photo and capture unique moments and experiences.


We create your professional advertising - whether digital in the social networks, as print, audio or TV advertising.

Digital Content

We create multimedia content and trends tailored to your target group for your social media platforms.

Explainer videos

Making complex issues easily accessible. We visualise your topic with animations and videographic means.


We develop designs for your brand presence, whether merchandising, graphics or flyers. We implement your idea professionally - in print or digitally.


With product images, employee photos, image videos or corporate films, we create a professional look and feel for your brand.

Public Relations

Our public relations specialists advise your company on internal
and external communication and design strategies for your public perception. We support you in building and expanding your public reputation, formulate press releases and take care of all tasks related to your company's events such as press conferences.

Public Relations

As public relations specialists, we support you in building and expanding your public reputation.

Press office

We handle your media enquiries and act as a contact for representatives of the press.

Communication strategy

We design your individual strategy to optimise your public relations and internal communication.

Work together with us.

There are many ways to change the world. Advertising is one of them. At amce studios we are a team full of creative, innovative minds working every day to achieve the best for our clients and make a positive contribution to advertising.


Our everyday life sets us many limits. Let's use the power of dreams to push those boundaries - from the unattainable to the attainable.


Great ideas can come from anyone. We work to ensure that all voices are heard and fight back when injustice happens.


We have learned that tried and tested sells well, but never makes possible what we stand for at amce studios: making big experiences out of small moments.

Everything you need to know.

What distinguishes you from other agencies?

We differ from other agencies in terms of quality. We do not offer standardised solutions for our clients. Our premise is to create exclusive and personalised results that are tailored to our clients' concerns. The digital products and user interfaces we create are easy to use, look great and represent brands in the best possible way.

How high are the costs that I have to calculate for a project with you?

Our prices are directly related to the scope of the project, the time schedule, the services to be provided and the personnel required. We can determine this price range together in a free initial meeting. After the discussion, we will send you a detailed quotation. Estimates are based on hourly rates and the number of hours the project will require.

What process / work steps can I expect as a customer?

1st concept Together with the customer, several analyses are carried out and documented. In the process, we get to know the company's individual processes. Ideas are put into shape and the concept is created. 2. design Based on the corporate design, stylistic elements are found that turn ideas into reality. 3. development All design elements and content are programmed to match the user experience. 4. launch The publication and handover of the final product takes place.

How can I get a quote for my project?

There are many ways to contact us. We are always available by phone during our opening hours. We are happy to answer a few questions in the first step and arrange a further conversation. We usually respond to emails received within a few hours to arrange an appointment for an introductory talk and to clarify urgent questions immediately. During the initial meeting, we get to know each other as well as the project in detail. Together we define the project goal, the target group, the budget, the schedule and other important details. We then send a proposal by email and can arrange a video call to go through it together.

Why are your services important for companies?

We enable businesses to realise their full potential through marketing. And give them the chance to continuously develop.

Are you a full-service agency?

Yes, that's us. Since we offer different services in four categories, we are there for our clients as a full-service agency. Amce studios serves as a contact in all digital topics: Our clients get access to all the services we offer.

How do I know who is the right contact person for my project?

A general enquiry to our services should be made via the contact form. We review this request and decide internally who is the perfect contact person. As we have experts for all areas, we can guarantee that the best possible result is achieved. This contact person then chooses the direct contact for the initial meeting.

Does amce studios also work for private individuals or only for companies?

Yes, we also work with private individuals. We are happy to support them in their digital processes.

Can I become part of the agency team? Do you offer jobs/internships?

We are always happy to receive input from new, creative minds. We have our own job page where job profiles or vacancies are listed. Alternatively, we are also happy to receive unsolicited applications.