Hello, we are amce studios.

Three people at work, photographed through a pane of glass.

Who we are.

We are creative problem solvers who are at home in the digital world. This is where we feel at home, this is where we know our way around. The best prerequisite for creating unique digital experiences together with you.

Our origin.

amce studios was founded by Amelie and Cedric with the goal of making companies visible in the digital space. Hailing from Darmstadt, amce studios combines the proximity of major metropolises with the language of medium-sized businesses.

amce studios
Office Life.

Two people at work.
Two people working, photographed through a glass pane.
Laughing person.
Two people working, photographed through a glass pane.
Person with croissants.
Two people at work.
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Our mission at amce studios.

Through authentic marketing,

catchy visuals & strong messages

we create unique brands.

Our values. Non-negotiable.

01 // Be open

Our everyday life sets us many limits. We want to use the power of our dreams and thoughts to shift these limits: from the unattainable to the feasible.

02 // Be bold

Communication at eye level is important to us. This includes identifying challenges and addressing difficult issues honestly.

03 // Be creative

The tried and tested often sells well, but rarely makes great experiences possible. We therefore always want to try out new things, if necessary, turn the world upside down and continue to develop.

04 // Solve the problem as a team

Many challenges can only be solved if we tackle them together. We keep the focus, support each other and solve the actual problem in the end.

People at the After Work Drink.

Our Spirit.

As a digital agency, we enable large and medium-sized companies, aspiring start-ups and ambitious new entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through marketing, communication and design. We give them the chance to continuously develop together with us.

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The amce studios
management team.

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Contact us
Contact us
Portrait Amelie Diehl

About Amelie Diehl.

Amelie brings years of experience from communications & promotion at the radio station Hit Radio FFH as well as insights into production and broadcasting operations at ZDF. Through her studies of online communication at the Media Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, she complements this with theory.

Portrait Cedric Coors

About Cedric Coors.

Cedric holds a Master of Science in Management from the renowned Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and has worked, among others, as a consultant for the leading communications consultancy Hering Schuppener as well as the staffing services provider Randstad.

Become a part of amce studios.

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The world is constantly evolving. And we want that, too. We want to drive our team forward with new impulses and ideas. New voices and perspectives in a well-coordinated team enable us to gain new perspectives and impressions. Are you ready for a new, exciting experience? To get to know the media world from an agency's point of view?

Three people at the video meeting.