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Two people at work.

Who we are.

amce studios employs permanent experts in the fields of web experience, branding, social media and 3D design. As an independent and owner-managed digital agency, we create unique digital experiences. We are creative problem solvers who are at home in the digital world.

Who we are looking for.

We are looking for academics and/or digital natives who have the potential to contribute and are ready to move others forward. We are looking for talented, passionate people who want to drive us forward with their creative ideas and never think small.

Open positions.

As a digital agency, we enable large and medium-sized companies, aspiring start-ups and ambitious new entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through marketing, communication and design. We give them the chance to continuously develop together with us.

amce studios
Office Life.

Two people at work.
Two people working, photographed through a glass pane.
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Two people working, photographed through a glass pane.
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Two people at work.
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Our values. Non-negotiable.

01 // Be open

Our everyday life sets us many limits. We want to use the power of our dreams and thoughts to shift these limits: from the unattainable to the feasible.

02 // Be bold

Communication at eye level is important to us. This includes identifying challenges and addressing difficult issues honestly.

03 // Be creative

The tried and tested often sells well, but rarely makes great experiences possible. We therefore always want to try out new things, if necessary, turn the world upside down and continue to develop.

04 // Solve the problem as a team

Many challenges can only be solved if we tackle them together. We keep the focus, support each other and solve the actual problem in the end.

People at the After Work Drink.

How we work.

amce studios is an agile, efficient team with a great willingness to take responsibility. As a modern employer, we support mobile working and virtual team events.

What we value.

We all started out for a reason, to bring others forward. Let's never tear out those roots, but use them to consolidate something new. Respect everyone and bring them forward with your knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Do you offer student internships?

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Unfortunately, we do not currently offer student internships for organizational reasons.


Can I also submit a speculative application?

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Are you outstanding at what you do? Then send us your application. We are regularly looking for new characters.


Can you become my practice partner?

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At present, we do not support dual studies or training as a practice partner.


How long does the process take?

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The process usually takes a few weeks. You send us your documents, we look through your application and your portfolio and get in touch with you.