Social Media Strategy.

We create unique and sustainable social media strategies for large & mid-sized companies and emerging start-ups.

We work with:

As a digital agency, we have been working with numerous major social media platforms, media buyers and publishers since our inception.

Social Media Strategy in Detail.

Do you want to rebuild or renew your brand's social media presence? In a workshop, we will find out together which platforms you can use to highlight the strengths of your brand. So that you can communicate with your target group at eye level, we will design a professional and structured approach to digital media content for your presence.

Our support does not end with the strategic positioning of your brands - because we attach great importance to the long-term nature of our collaboration. If required, we can take over your entire social media management - from social media strategy and content creation to community management.

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Our Spirit.

As a digital agency, we enable large and medium-sized companies, aspiring start-ups and ambitious new entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through marketing, communication and design. We give them the chance to continuously develop together with us.

Work with us.

As an independent and owner-managed digital agency, we create unique digital experiences. And because we love what we do, we give our all to the success of every single project we tackle. We care about your project, your deadlines and your nerves, no matter what, and that's a promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


How much budget should I plan for?

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To create your social media strategy with amce studios, you should plan a budget of at least five to ten thousand euros.


How long does it take to complete?

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We typically allow three to five weeks from kick-off to handover to complete a social media strategy.


What is needed to start the project?

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You can find all the information we need for the project start directly in our request form.


Why do I need a Strategy?

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The Social Media Strategy supports you in publishing measures and content that contribute to brand building and offer added value.


What does a Strategy include?

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We find out on which platforms you highlight the strengths of your brand and design the handling of digital media content.


Do you do the content creation?

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Yes, if required, we can take over your complete social media management - from strategy to content creation and management.