A sustainable first point of contact - I have value!

A sustainable first point of contact - I have value!


green Community and Care GmbH


green - we care happily. This is the slogan of the North Rhine-Westphalian care service provider, which takes a completely new approach to a much-discussed topic: care in old age. The start-up sees itself as a service provider for all aspects of self-determined living in old age. A central aspect of grün's service portfolio is the individual and holistic care of those in need of care.

Our Mission.

Appreciate a service more! The new approach of green calls for new marketing ideas. A simple marketing tool, the flyer, should be rethought in such a way that it can actually show a completely new perspective. The task of simply distributing a flyer to draw attention to the service should become a sustainable first point of contact.

A sustainable first point of contact - I have value!
A sustainable first point of contact - I have value!

The result.

A flyer is distributed - everyone experiences this every day. But this flyer is something special, because it has a value. It can become more than just information, because it can grow into a plant, an idea and, in the best case, a relationship. The value becomes an appreciation for the sender of the flyer, the service provider and the person in need of care, and the seed paper makes the seed for the experience tangible and works with emotional illustrations that will be remembered for a long time.

About collaboration:

We were all positively surprised at how well Amelie and her team took up the topic and turned it into a

have contributed to the homepage. We always had the feeling,

that the team fully identifies with us and our mission.

The result has - as we say in the Ruhr region - knocked our socks off.

Tim Liedmann, Managing Director and founder, grün Community and Care GmbH.


This special case was submitted to the Marketing for Future Awards 2023. Click here for the news article.

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