Personal website for fashion entrepreneur.

Personal website for fashion entrepreneur.


Romy Schaar GmbH


Romy Schaar is a designer, fashion expert and manager. She accompanies companies and start-ups on their way to a fashion business - from trend analysis and creation to business management and business ethics considerations. With 20 years of experience in the industry, the designer knows all facets of a fashion product: Idea generation - development - marketing - sales. Romy Schaar has already worked for established companies such as Marc Cain, s.Oliver and Karo Kauer Label.

Our Mission.

Inspiring people with a love of fashion, supporting brands in the development of their own fashion lines, and empowering new entrepreneurs on their way into self-employment and the fashion industry: Managing Director Romy Schaar founded her eponymous company in 2022 with the desire to accompany and support others on their way into the fashion business. To make her extensive range of services accessible, she needed a digital presence and a platform for exchange. A personal website created by designers and developers from amce studios.

Personal website for fashion entrepreneur.
Personal website for fashion entrepreneur.

The result.

One click to learn more about Romy Schaar. One click to get an overview of her service portfolio. One click to collaborate with the designer. A onepager that stylishly presents the company and the woman behind it is the result of the collaboration with amce studios. With strategy, design and animations, the created web experience convinces as a whole. A project that forms the basis for the awareness of the company and represents a significant channel for customer acquisition was launched after a few weeks.

About collaboration.

As a fashion entrepreneur, passion and creativity as well as

the expression of personality my

heart to the industry and values such as quality and sustainability very important.

I let all this become my brand with amce studios.

Romy Schaar, Founder & Designer, Romy Schaar GmbH

More about Romy Schaar.

In our long-term collaboration, we were able to support Romy Schaar not only with her personal website, but also with the complete personal branding. Click here for the project. The lifestyle photographer from Stuttgart händrixen was consulted for this project.

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