Website relaunch for Astellon Pension Management

Website relaunch for Astellon Pension Management


Astellon Pension Management GmbH.


Astellon Pension Management, also known as APM, is a leading company in Germany for the acquisition and management of pension liabilities. The team has extensive experience in company pension schemes (bAV). The primary goal is to be a permanently secure and trustworthy point of contact for pensioners. This can also provide an attractive alternative for the transferring companies to outsource their pensions.

Our Mission.

One of the managing partners of Astellon Pension Management contacted amce studios with the mission to create a professional and informative corporate website with a modern design and animations.

Making a complex professional field and its services accessible to interested B2B and B2C customers. And in a short time.

Website relaunch for Astellon Pension Management
Website relaunch for Astellon Pension Management

The result.

In addition to a state-of-the-art design, the amce studios team also supported the branding expansion for the online space. In addition to a new corporate font, color palettes and the look and feel in images were also defined.

The website of Astellon Pension Management GmbH was conceived, designed and developed by amce studios within a few weeks.

Mission of Astellon.

The disposal of pension liabilities is more than just a complex

accounting process. Rather, we take a

long-term partnership based on trust with

the transferring sponsoring company and the beneficiaries.

Roderich Pilars de Pilar, Managing Director of Astellon Pension Management


In order to offer our customers excellent services in all areas, we have the perfect partners: Among other things, we are a proud Webflow Professional Partner Agency and partner of the paper manufacturer Metapaper.

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