The 23/24 season as Official Business Partner of SV Darmstadt 1898 - our highlights.

Management Summary:


Team events in the stadium: our highlights of an eventful season


Networking and commitment: many great events around the association


Strengthening through partnership: Unforgettable moments with SV Darmstadt 98 and looking to the future

SV Darmstadt 98's last season was not only an exciting adventure for us from a sporting perspective, but also a unique opportunity to deepen our partnership and make valuable contacts. As a proud business partner of SVD, we can look back on numerous highlights that brought us closer together as a team and enabled us to actively participate in Darmstadt's soccer culture.

Martin Kowalewski, Managing Director, SV Darmstadt 1898, thanks the sponsors via LinkedIn and writes: "We would like to thank you all for your trust and loyalty. It was a challenging season in which we could always count on your support, even if we had hoped for a different outcome."

Our team events at SVD's home matches against VfB Stuttgart and FC Bayern Munich were undoubtedly among the highlights of the season. Such a match, which attracts the attention of soccer fans from all over Germany, provided us with the perfect backdrop for a team event that both strengthened team spirit and created unforgettable memories. The excitement in the stadium was palpable as the Darmstadt team boldly took on their opponents. Although the results were not in our favor, the experience of watching this game live was invaluable. Our team not only enjoyed the excitement of the game, but also took the opportunity to socialize and bond away from the daily grind of work.

As an Official Business Partner of SV Darmstadt 98, it is particularly important to us not only to be present at the stadium, but also to take part in various events organized around the club. One highlight was the exclusive soccer training session with co-trainer Kai Peter Schmitz and participation in the annual sponsor rally. These events, organized by the SVD and its partners, gave us the opportunity to exchange ideas with other sponsors, Darmstadt companies and fans and to make new contacts. Such events provide an excellent opportunity for networking and at the same time allow us to experience first-hand the values and passion that characterize SVD and its community. It's impressive to see how much commitment is put into every activity and how the community comes together to support the club.

"Standing together in successful times is easy, but moments of disappointment and setbacks show what you're made of," writes Martin Kowalewski, Managing Director, SV Darmstadt 1898 via LinkedIn.

The past SV Darmstadt 98 season was enriching for us in many ways. From the unforgettable team event at home games to the numerous events and valuable contacts - we are proud to be part of this community. Our partnership with SVD has not only opened up new business opportunities for us, but has also strengthened our team spirit and given us the opportunity to actively participate in the passion and commitment that characterizes the club and its fans. Our connection to the club is strong and we look forward to sharing exciting moments and projects together in the future. We are looking forward to the coming season and are excited to see what new experiences it has in store for us.

About SV Darmstadt 98
1898 e. V., known as SV Darmstadt 98, is the most prominent sports club in Darmstadt. Founded on May 22, 1898, it is often referred to as "The Lilies" due to the lily in its logo. The club became famous for its soccer department, which won the Bundesliga 2 championship twice. In the 2023/24 season, the club is playing in the Bundesliga again and has over 14,000 members. The Lilies stand for diversity and reject exclusion. Their vision is a stable position in the top flight of the Bundesliga 2 and the challenge of the top 20 in German professional soccer. As a contemporary club, they are committed to setting a positive example for the sport of soccer in society.

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