First class - amce studios is official business partner of SV Darmstadt 98.

Management Summary:


amce studios is business partner of the Bundeliga club SVD


The sponsorship is valid for the season 23/24


amce studios further expands local partnerships

The Lilien have been promoted to the 1st Bundesliga. For real Heiner:ins like Amelie Diehl and Cedric Coors, this is not only a reason to celebrate, but also a heartfelt desire to support the club as sponsors.

As a digital agency based in Darmstadt, it is important for amce studios to further expand its local partnerships in Darmstadt. The agency, which has been operating in Darmstadt since its founding, is firmly committed to this location. The company's origins and home are in Darmstadt, and they value the city's peace and balance as much as its proximity to metropolitan areas.

Managing directors Amelie Diehl and Cedric Coors have been in Darmstadt since childhood, attended Darmstadt high schools and sports clubs as teenagers, and Amelie also attended Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Turning their backs on the beautiful city in southern Hesse was never an option for either of them. On the contrary: Since 2022, they have not only been residents, but also business partners of the digital agency amce studios GmbH with its office in Rheinstraße.

Soccer is a passion for both of them. "We are happy that there is now a connection to the Lilies on a professional basis beyond our private interests," says Amelie Diehl. "We have witnessed how the club has grown. To be a part of it now is a very good feeling."

The fact that it has worked out to conclude the sponsorship for the 2023/24 season fills both of them with pride and a lot of anticipation for the first-class season at Böllenfalltor. Cedric Coors: "The strategic step to expand the focus at the main location Darmstadt is of great importance for both amce studios and the management. Coming from Darmstadt, amce studios combines the proximity of the big metropolises with the language of the middle class. Through local sports sponsorship, we get an impression of the business of an up-and-coming Darmstadt soccer club in addition to the sporting highlights."

Also in business, away from soccer, SV 98 and amce studios fit well together. Their values are quite comparable: Giving the best every day, satisfying customers, fans and the public with good work, living teamwork, treating each other with respect and inspiring through success.

About SV Darmstadt 98
SV Darmstadt 1898 e. V., known as SV Darmstadt 98, is the most prominent sports club in Darmstadt. Founded on May 22, 1898, it is often called "The Lilies" because of the lily in its logo. The club became famous for its soccer department, which won the championship of the 2nd Bundesliga twice. In the 2023/24 season, the club will play in the Bundesliga again and has over 14,000 members. The Lilies stand for diversity and reject exclusion. Their vision is a stable position in the top flight of the 2nd Bundesliga and challenging for the top 20 in German professional soccer. As a contemporary club, they are committed to making soccer a positive role model for society.

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