Glassmorphism: The trend that brings transparency and blurriness to UI design.

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The Glassmorphism UI trend


amce studios' assessment and thoughts on the trend


Application of Glassmorphism

A few years ago, the digital world was dominated by vibrant and cheerful designs. Today, we are experiencing a new design revolution with Glassmorphism, which impresses with translucent and blurred effects. Glassmorphism was coined in 2020 by the well-known UI designer Michal Malewicz and has quickly gained popularity. But what exactly is this new UI design trend and why is it so popular?

Glassmorphism combines transparency with blurring to create a glassy appearance. This style creates an illusion of depth that is visually appealing and functional. The key features of Glassmorphism are:

1. transparency and blurring: Elements appear glass-like and you can see through them, while the background is slightly blurred.
. multi-layering: Superimposed transparent layers create depth and dimension.
. bright colors and light effects: These enhance the glassy effect and increase visual appeal.
. Subtle shadows and borders: These define the layers and ensure a clean layout.

Why is Glassmorphism popular?
"Glassmorphism could offer several advantages to our design. It adds a modern touch, enhancing the sense of immersion within the design layers, and subtly draws attention to key elements. We implement glass elements in some web designs to achieve a sleek, contemporary look that remains clear and minimalistic, combining modern aesthetics with usability," said Praskovia Zaroslova, Art Director in Creation at amce studios GmbH.

‍Applicationof Glassmorphism
Examples of Glassmorphism can be found in the new user interface of Apple's macOS Big Sur as well as in various websites and apps that strive for an elegant design. But banks and fintech companies are also using this trend to make their apps and websites look professional and modern at the same time. Transparent cards and overlays can highlight important information without cluttering the design, and this design direction brings us back to the future by combining modern technologies with a clean, elegant aesthetic. For digital projects aiming for an innovative, fresh and contemporary look, Glassmorphism-style elements could be just the thing.

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