Development of the SUPERMANAGER learning web app.

Development of the SUPERMANAGER learning web app.




SUPERMANAGER is a Danish education & leadership tech company that aims to positively impact the management skills of executives in emerging markets through its free mobile application. SUPERMANAGER therefore addresses the two main factors that currently discourage executives in emerging markets from continuing education: the serious time commitment as well as the high costs. By providing a free, expert-led training platform that breaks down lessons into short learning units - so-called microlessons - SUPERMANAGER combats these main factors. The web-based application is supported by the use of AI chatbot technology & simplifies learning.

Our Mission.

With the goal of onboarding well over 100,000 users in the first year, the team at amce studios began to develop a branding & design that would be appropriate for the target group and optimized for mobile use in particular. At the same time, an infrastructure and a chatbot solution had to be created that was suitable for a user base of this size and at the same time would be future-proof and expandable for future versions.

Development of the SUPERMANAGER learning web app.
Development of the SUPERMANAGER learning web app.

The result.

After 3 months of development and in cooperation with the Parisian chatbot specialists from Joonbot, a Minimable Viable Product was created, which, with a focus on an optimal user experience and through the use of intelligent chatbot technology, revolutionizes leadership development in emerging markets. Just one month after going live, SUPERMANAGER already had more than 20,000 active users and a significant investment from the venture capital firm Bambwa Group.

About the Learning App SUPERMANAGER:

With the app we developed, you get

Executives in emerging markets

Access to leadership training on a

interactive training platform.

Cedric Coors, Managing Director, amce studios GmbH

About collaboration.

The collaboration was with Paris-based chatbot specialists Joonbot.

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