Preparation for the go-live of the Climate Union of the CDU/CSU.

Preparation for the go-live of the Climate Union of the CDU/CSU.


Climate Union of the CDU/CSU


KlimaUnion wants to work with the CDU and CSU to achieve an effective 1.5-degree policy in Germany. After all, hardly any other country in the world should benefit as much from a rapid, climate-friendly transformation. According to the Climate Union, this requires cooperation between politics, society, science and business. The CDU/CSU should become a reliable force that creates structures. Among the Initiator:innen belong among other things the CDU Federal executive committee member Wiebke winter, the ex Tesla manager Philipp Schröder, the well-known bicycle activist Heinrich Strößenreuther as well as entrepreneur and medium manager Felix Rodenjohann. "Tomorrow's global market will be climate-neutral and the German economy will have a competitive advantage if our industry prepares for it as quickly as possible," co-initiator Strößenreuther summarized the need for the project in DER SPIEGEL magazine and Handelsblatt.

Our Mission.

We supported the founding team of the KlimaUnion in the media-effective go-live of the initiative and prepared the website for the rush of users. The goal of the initiators, especially in the early days, was to inform as many interested people as possible about the goals of the KlimaUnion and to win new members and supporters. On the one hand, the website was to offer the most detailed possible insights into user statistics and usage analyses of the target group, and on the other hand, it was always to meet the highest data protection and cookie standards.

Preparation for the go-live of the Climate Union of the CDU/CSU.

Preparation for the go-live of the Climate Union of the CDU/CSU.

The result.

Together with KlimaUnion's Strateg:innen, we were able to prepare the website for the go-live and the enormous media rush. To do this, we used targeted performance-oriented web tools that not only ensured 100 percent live time in the first few days, but also helped to gain targeted insights into usage statistics. Through a focused evaluation, the data and analyses could subsequently be used to further develop the site according to the requirements and demands of the users and thus to gain additional members and supporters.

About the Go-live:

Already in the first hours of the

Go-live visited several

ten thousand users:inside the

Climate Union website.

The uptime was always 100%.


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