Web development for green tech company Ansvar.

Web development for green tech company Ansvar.




According to the United Nations, 75% of global CO2 emissions are generated in cities. Ansvar 2030 is an association of companies that aims to address this very challenge and advance climate protection through consolidated knowledge from software development, electrical engineering and communications. The focus of the company is on ecological transformation and securing the future of cities, regions, companies and institutions. In total, more than 160 employees at 5 locations support the Ansvar 2030 project.

Our Mission.

The founder of Ansvar 2030, Felix Rodejohann, contacted us with the challenge of preparing the Ansvar 2030 website for the go-live in the D-A-CH market, France and Spain. Together with specialists from the Ansvar 2030 project, we prepared the website technically for the go-live. The main focus was on the multilingual availability of the website and the integration of suitable performance marketing tools.

Web development for green tech company Ansvar.
Web development for green tech company Ansvar.

The result.

Despite the tight schedule until the go-live, we were able to prepare the website optimally together with specialists from Ansvar 2030 and make it accessible in a total of 4 languages. Since the go-live of the website, Ansvar has been working with amce studios on a regular basis and in all matters related to web expertise.

What our customers say:

Coming into action, blockades

overcome group boundaries

cooperate across and

Tackling the climate crisis.

The ansvar 2030 method.

About collaboration:

In our long-term collaboration, we regularly support Ansvar in matters related to web experience.

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